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Have a question? Ask an expert! Use this portion of the website to ask questions or voice any concerns regarding the Donlin Gold project. Third-party expert, Bob Loeffler, will answer all of your questions and they will be featured in future blog posts below. For studies conducted by Mr. Loeffler, click here. More information coming soon.

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About the Expert

Bob Loeffler has an extensive background of over 35 years in government, management and natural resource development and maintenance. Mr. Loeffler specializes in permitting and policy, economic analysis, public policy negotiation and teaching on mining and permitting-related issues. Currently, he serves as a Partner with Jade North, LLC., and has been a Visiting Professor of Public Policy at the UAA Institute for Social and Economic Research. Mr. Loeffler obtained his Master of City and Regional Planning from Harvard University, his master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Earth Sciences from Stanford University.