Who Advises on the Donlin Gold Project?

Three organizations have key roles in the Donlin Gold project (“Project”). These organizations worked collaboratively to create the Donlin Advisory Technical Review and Oversight Committee (“DATROC”). The DATROC is composed of representatives of Donlin Gold LLC (“Donlin”), The Kuskokwim Corporation (“TKC”) and Calista Corporation (“Calista”). Donlin, TKC and Calista are committed to maintaining positive relations within the region and providing opportunities for community members to stay involved.

What are Community Advisory Committees?

Community Advisory Committees (CACs) are an important way for the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Region to provide local knowledge as it relates to the Project within the Kuskokwim River drainage. The Subsistence Community Advisory Committee (SCAC) is created under the DATROC, along with three other CACs to be launched soon. Each committee will have its own purpose, charter and criteria for membership.

Note: CAC members serve as independent advisors who represent themselves. They can also provide input from others and their communities. A CAC member does not need to support the Project in order to qualify for a seat.

What is the Subsistence Community Advisory Committee (SCAC)?

The SCAC is an eight-member committee that meets twice per year to provide input on the relationship between subsistence activities within the Kuskokwim River drainage and operations of the Project. Committee members bring local knowledge, practice subsistence activities in the region and represent different communities along the Kuskokwim River.

SCAC Purpose

  1. Receive and distribute information on Donlin’s plans, operations and monitoring activities.
  2. Communicate information of local subsistence activities and provide traditional knowledge as it relates to information shared by the DATROC.
  3. Provide a forum for stakeholders to discuss potential subsistence concerns related to Donlin’s plans, operations or monitoring activities.
  4. Assist the DATROC in developing and periodically updating a subsistence plan for lands and waters affected by the Project.

Committee Membership

Membership of the SCAC consists of the following designated seats. Each member serves a set term, with terms staggered by seat. In future years, all committee members will serve three-year terms.


Committee Member Expectations

  1. Attend all committee meetings (at least two in-person, full-day meetings per year). If it is not safe or feasible to meet in person, attend meetings remotely or by phone. Review the agenda and other materials provided to committee members before each meeting.
  2. Contribute to the SCAC’s discussions by sharing Members’ knowledge, perspectives and ideas.
  3. Share information the Member has learned and heard from other community members about subsistence issues relating to the Project with the committee: questions, concerns, knowledge and ideas.
  4. Maintain an independent, open mind and stay focused on solutions.
  5. Disclose any conflicts of interest, potential conflicts of interest and any relationship or other interest that may impact the Member’s eligibility.
  6. Help recruit new members that would be potential good candidates as vacancies arise on this committee or other committees.

Committee Member Travel and Compensation

Serving on the SCAC is a volunteer position, with no compensation. However, SCAC members are asked to travel to meetings and are providing valuable time and expertise by serving on this committee. Expenses will be covered for flights to and from the meeting location, transportation to and from the airport, lodging and meals.

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Important Eligibility Information

Designated Seats

The committee’s seats are designated, with different criteria for each seat:
  • Geographic (Seats A – D): You must have a primary home in a seat’s geographic area to be considered eligible for seats.
  • Subsistence Advisory Committees (Seats E – F): You must be a current member of the federal or state advisory committees listed for these seats.
  • Elder (Seat G): Open to Tribal Elders in all geographic areas.
  • Young Adult (Seat H): Open to residents in all geographic areas, ages 18 to 26.

Required Qualifications

The committee’s seats are designated, with different criteria for each seat:

  1. Residency: Lives in the geographic area for the designated seat.
  2. Subsistence Knowledge: Practices or has practiced subsistence in the region, with knowledge of traditional way of life, customs and resources.
  3. Commitment: Willingness to serve as an active, productive member of the committee.
  4. Constructive: Good communication skills, ability to work in a group, listen to other perspectives and be solution-focused when discussing complex topics.
  5. Availability for Meetings: Willing to participate in at least two, multi-day meetings per year (one in fall and one in spring) in-person or virtually.
  6. No Criminal Background: No previous felony convictions.

Additional Desired Qualifications

The committee’s seats are designated, with different criteria for each seat:
  1. Leadership: Skills and experience as a leader in the community.
  2. Committee Experience: Previous experience serving on an advisory committee, council, governing body or other similar entity. Experience with meeting procedures.
  3. Technical Experience: Previous experience reading complex technical documents, scientific reports and studies.


Any of the following circumstances make a person ineligible for membership on a SCAC. Applicants are asked to confirm none of these apply:

  1. Currently employed by or serving as a board member of TKC.
  2. Currently employed by or serving as a board member of the Calista Corporation.
  3. Currently employed by, serving as a board member of or having any ownership interest in the following entities: Donlin Gold LLC and principal owners, NovaGold and Barrick Gold Corporation and any other interest in the Project.
    For purposes of SCAC membership, “ownership interest” does not include being a Shareholder of Calista or TKC.
  4. One or more felony convictions.
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Application Timeline

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Application Scoring

The table below explains how each applicant’s responses will be scored, as part of the individual reviewer's evaluation during the selection process. The review panel will be comprised of DATROC Members.

The first three questions are Yes or No questions that determine your eligibility for this committee. If you are not eligible now, but your circumstances change, you may re-apply in the future.

The remaining questions are open-ended. Each reviewer will use this guide when evaluating applications. An applicant does not need a perfect score to be considered a good candidate. These scores are just one part of the application, and the committee will take each applicant’s full information into account.

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Still Have Questions? We're Here to Assist!

Interested in applying for a committee seat? Questions about community advisory committees, the Project, or any other topic? Contact Colleen Laraux, Community Relations & DATROC Coordinator:

907-543-0745 Phone
907-543-0779 Fax
Donlin Gold LLC
P.O. Box 509
Bethel, AK  99559

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To apply, fill out the online application below or download and complete a copy of the application and return via mail or email to Colleen Laraux, P.O. Box 509, Bethel, AK 99559, colleen@datroc.com

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Membership Application

Are You Interested AND Eligible to Serve as an SCAC Member?

If you are interested in applying for a committee seat, please read and answer the questions below. You must meet the eligibility criteria to be considered for SCAC membership.